The Stranger Vs. Your CTL: A Message from the Editor-in-Chief


This second installment in what will represent a series of essays on the practicalities of CTL work comes at a good time in light of this issue’s featured articles, which I see as a collective doubling down, or, better yet, deepening down on functions that CTLs frequently comprise. At the assured risk of evoking far more associations than might actually benefit my attempts to provide context for the works collected here, I have to admit that I often found myself, in the course of preparing them for publication, thinking about a passage in Albert Camus’ The Stranger. In the scene, the narrator/title character, Meursault, is imprisoned for murder (Did I mention the association would be problematic?). While in his cell, Camus’ infamously indifferent character devotes huge portions of his time to close scrutiny of his living space.