Beyond the Retrofit— CTLs as Centers for Institutional Change: A Message From the Editor-in-Chief


One of my principal concerns as a Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) staff member has involved ways our efforts at the center might best circulate throughout our institution and beyond. At the same time, Jay Dolmage’s (2009) notions of “retrofitting” and “universal design” help me discern how news of CTL work might be spread not just far and wide, but so as to achieve particular results in a sustainable fashion. In other words, I hope not so much for our CTL to be just everywhere but everywhere to serve as a catalyst for ongoing dialogues geared to pedagogical innovation and to the institutional changes needed to motivate and maintain that innovation. Dolmage works primarily in the fields of rhetoric and disability studies, but his theories have enhanced my understanding of contributions CTLs can make to campus cultures, contributions I find highlighted in this issue of the Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning (JCTL).