A Study of the Impact of Services of a University Teaching Centre on Teaching Practice: Changes and Conditions


The aim of this study was to assess the impact of educational development activities offered at our teaching Centre. To achieve this aim, the authors explored the impact of our services beyond the data generally gathered, namely those concerning participation, satisfaction with and knowledge acquired during a workshop. Data were collected through an on-line survey. The 115 participants in the study—lecturers, professors, and teaching assistants—represent about 20% of the 630 users who received services offered by the Centre during an 18-month period. Overall, the results tend to show that participants in the Centre’s activities have noted changes in their teaching and learning conceptions. Most of them have modified their teaching practice somewhat, and some even observed an improvement in their students’ learning. In addition, some say that they are more engaged in their educational development and in pedagogical activities at the institution. The survey allowed the authors to identify conditions that have facilitated change. Overall, this study has helped reveal the direct and indirect effects of the Centre’s educational development work on teaching, and it has provided the authors with useful data for decision making and practice improvement regarding the Centre’s services.