Extended Call for Papers

JCTL seeks submissions that summarize and share usable revelations/takeaways regarding:

  • key actions by CTLs, turning points, benefits and gains, and sustainable change that seems to be occurring;
  • indicators of how the pandemic has been and is affecting perceptions of CTL’s value and their essential role (pivotal turning points, obstacles encountered, supportive actions and partnerships, reconsiderations of the CTL’s mission, lines drawn, etc.);
  • debates occurring within and among other venues (blogs, listservs, websites, etc.) devoted to faculty development in the time of pandemic;
  • new topics emphasized in CTL programming (e.g. trauma-informed teaching); descriptions of ways social distancing/remote learning has changed delivery of programming;
  • structural institutional and CTL changes underway impacting learning/teaching (staffing configurations, program resources, collaborations, funding, leadership and role, etc.);
  • windows of opportunity created, imparted, granted, tested, mandated, closed;
  • speculations on how this will change our own work or student learning/faculty teaching into the future

Please direct queries to JCTL’s editor-in-chief, John Paul Tassoni tassonjp@miamioh.edu.  The journal accepts submissions throughout the year, however submissions for the next issue should be received by July 21, 2020.