Journal History

Established in 2015, The Mathematics Technology and History Journal (MaTH Journal) is a peer-reviewed publication of the Mathematics Teacher Preparation Program at Miami University. The MaTH Journal publishes articles in four major categories:

1. Mathematics Technology Issues

Articles published in Mathematics Technology Issues are more conceptual and theoretical in nature — related to technology use in mathematics classrooms. They may also address significant policy and practice issues. Articles may address any area of technology and teacher education. Articles regarding both preservice and in-service teacher education are welcome. A wide range of formats and approaches to scholarship are accepted, including qualitative research, quantitative studies, conceptual and theoretical pieces, case studies, and professional practice papers.

2. Current Mathematics Practice

Papers published in this category are generally professional practice articles on innovative approaches to integrating technology and/or history into the teaching of mathematics. The goal of the Current Mathematics Practice section is to provide rich snapshots of promising work to advance discussion and make available ideas and findings for practitioners in mathematics technology and history. Although many types of articles may be appropriate for the Current Mathematics Practice section, the key is that the study, theory, case, review, research, or education model described be grounded in the literature. The Current Mathematics Practice section values promising ideas, implementations, and preliminary findings from research studies that may not yet be complete.

3. Mathematics Problems and Solutions

Problems and Solutions aim to challenge students and/or teachers of collegiate mathematics. They can address any part of the K12 mathematics curriculum. Whenever possible, a proposed problem should be accompanied by a solution, appropriate references, and any other material that would be helpful to readers. 

4. Commentary and Response

Readers may submit critiques/commentaries on any article published in The MaTH Journal. The responses papers will be peer reviewed and, if accepted, published as a new paper in the journal. These submissions are treated as articles and are refereed in the same way as all other articles. Commentaries of the "I really liked this" sort, or "I don't agree" sort are not acceptable. To be published, a response to a paper (or to other commentaries) should advance the discussion and make a substantial contribution to the conversation.